Category : Photography

The making of: CΞNSORΞD (Photo Manipulation)

GIF Showing the making of a recent photo manipulation. Click through to see the full image!

fine art shipping container box package

New Print Packaging (And free stickers!)

Thought I would give you guys a preview of how your prints will safely arrive at your doorstep.

My Lighting Test Subjects

I have some pretty cute test subjects. Click through the break to see some more goofy outtakes.

Camera Flash Inside of Mouth / Throat

I modified a camera flash (to be very small) and my girlfriend put it in her mouth. It worked! Click below to view the whole image.

New Iris Business Cards!

Business cards I designed based off of an aperture-blade card layout I found on the internet somewhere.

DIY Steampunk Camera Flash Goggles

“Flash Goggles” are exactly what their name says they are. I took on the challenge of jamming full size flashes into some steam punk goggles for some photos.

DIY Strip Lights V1

These DIY Strip lights are a quick and easy way to add some creative new lighting techniques to photos.
See some shots of the process below!

DIY Ring Flash V2

I’ve made too many ringflashes to count, but this one was by-far my favourite… and it took the longest to build.

diy bicycle dslr camera mount

Poor man’s DIY Bicycle Mount for DSLRs

Mounted my DSLR to my bike with an old tripod, zip-ties, some tape, and an extension cord. View more to see how I did it.