2 Years Strong

An open letter and showcase of appreciation to the love of my life.

2 years ago one of my biggest dreams came true.

The day we met

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The day we met was a short, but special moment for me. Although the two of us were too awkward to handle, we still spoke to each-other in ways no one else could.
I went to sleep that evening fascinated and quite smitten. The feeling reminded me of walking past a Nintendo 64 in the store when I was a child. I had no idea how it worked, or what it was all about — but I knew it was special and undoubtedly more amazing than anything I had ever seen before. The idea of having you was an undeniable fantasy.

Like a fine wine

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It would be 2 more years until the two of us joined hands in a relationship.
This was one of most special days of my life.
A lot happened in between us meeting and dating, but I feel this long grace period has had a very positive and profound impact on the two of us. I am insanely grateful for the time we spent apart, mainly because we still kept in touch and watched each other grow from afar. The relationships and experiences we had before dating would later give us the maturity and responsibility to be far more sustainable. We intelligently brought each other together, and I will cherish this doorway into our new timeline for years to come.

Summer love

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Summer definitely reminds me of you, and you remind me of summer. Our prime time is in the sun, and these are the moments I enjoy most with you. The days we get to live carefree in the sand and water, being with nature and only enjoying the energy of each other and the earth around us. I will never forget our first summer together and the fire of happiness it has ignited inside of me. You give me the desire to make every year better than the last, and the pride to show it all off.

My Goobs

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I feel the compatibility between us is unlike any other. Everyday I am astonished at the level of communication and understanding you have towards me. When we’re together I always feel like everything is fine, and always will be. You are my constant, and my rock – you keep everything in line and give me the ability to take nothing for granted. We are so similar in certain ways together that it gives me the chills. It makes every moment with you more exciting than the last, and I am always left with an aura of your enigmatic nature.

The things we do

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Like the armor of a tank deflecting enemy fire, we effortlessly ignore the criticisms and regular judgmental looks, remarks, or opinions of the outside world. Nothing matters when we’re doing our thing, as long as we’re both happy doing it and being ourselves. We have the unique spark to just do the things we want, unconditionally, for whatever reason we see fit. We spend the hours of our day concerned about each other, and not what will be thought of us.

The fun we have
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As redundant as it feels to mention how much fun of a person you are, it is still the most worth writing. The fact that we spend hours just talking, and absolutely howling at the top of our lungs without even trying is one of my favorite things about us. The time we spend together is amplified by how in tune our senses of humor and fun are. We know how to entertain each other, and we don’t have to try hard to make it happen.

Forever yours

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It is an absolute honor to be apart of your life, and have you be apart of mine. I undoubtedly have an outstanding infatuation with you, which continues to manifest itself everyday.
Please know how much you are loved, and how much you mean to me.
Here’s to another amazing year.
I love you, Madison.

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